Our Digital Marketing Services

Ocean Digital will help you to increase sales and achieve internal efficiencies through effective Online Marketing solutions. Our level of expertise offers you a unique blend of skills consisting of decades of experience in business and marketing strategy development, creativity, technical expertise, advanced project management and content development experience. We speak business. We understand what is needed to grow your business online and we give you the tools to make it happen.


Monthly Marketing Support (MMS)

We offer a Monthly Digital Marketing Support (MDMS) service to companies which provides online marketing support.

We work with selected companies big and small across a range of industries. Our combined strategic business planning and Sales and Marketing expertise complements our cutting edge Digital strategy plans to give your business the best opportunities to grow your business.

Pay per Click

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is constantly changing. We have been optimising websites for over 10 years and we know that the best approach is to incorporate SEO in every aspect of your Digital Marketing Strategy.


SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a crucial part of your business. Google use over 200 different criteria to make a split second decision on the ranking of your website. A large part of this decision is based on the content of your website. Having an effective and well thought out SEO strategy is one of the most important and profitable things you can do for your business. Research shows that there are on average 2 million searches on Google every minute! Amongst these 2 million searches, 80-85% of these searches are for a product or service.

Website Design and Development

Ocean Digital Marketing create visually beautiful, technically advanced and commercially effective websites. We deliver increased brand awareness, clear message positioning and exceptional user experience which will increase your businesses sales, opportunities and leads.

Digital Strategy

A good Digital Marketing Strategy will help you gain a clear perspective on where your business is now and what Digital Strategies you need to implement to grow sales and get your business to where you would like it to be. We do this by analysing not only your customers but also your sales targets; existing markets your target markets, your business and your competitors.


We provide in house corporate training for business professional across a range of skill sets. in Business Strategy, Sales, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing Strategy, LinkedIn, Marketing Strategy, Presentation Skills, Social Media Strategy, Stress Management, Growing your Brand, WordPress and much more.

Marketing Content

Marketing Is Impossible Without Great Content.

Basically, content marketing is the art of communicating with your customers and prospects without selling. It is non-interruption marketing. Instead of pitching your products or services, you are delivering information which is valuable to your potential customer.


Social media is the term we use to describe platforms that bring people together for the exchange of information. The most popular Social Media Platforms are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Youtube, Google+ and Pinterest.


Proper analytics is necessary to maximize the effectiveness of the digital marketing. Whether you’re running an email campaign or you’re publishing a new website, consistent analytics makes you more confident about your future moves. By getting a view of the user interactions, the ongoing traffic and all other factors; you can minimize the time in developing what your targeted customers are really looking out for.